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Wellness is much more than merely keeping ourselves healthy physically.

Wellbeing evolves through the integration of eight dimensions of wellness.  These work in synergy, influencing and balancing each other to create overall wellbeing.   The eight dimensions are social, spiritual, physical, occupational, financial, environmental, emotional and intellectual. Each dimension forms a piece of the lifestyle pie. Without one piece there is a void, a missing link that imbalances the remainder of the dimensions.

Incorporate these into your strategic  thinking  and planning as they are all interconnected and contribute to your workplace wellbeing.

We have created a 2021 planner to help you with your planning. It is a great resource to use when setting goals and intentions and is jam packed full of everything you need to get yourself motivated! 

Workplace Wellness eight dimensions of wellness
Workplace Wellness Planner 2021

Our focus is on prevention and early intervention.

Awareness and Balance is key. 

Having a plan in place that is aligned to your business goals makes for plain sailing. 

The 12 month planner, with fillable fields, includes:

  • 12 months of wellness tips, ideas, motivation quotes and wellness trivia to keep you and the crew engaged and on course.
  • Awareness days/weeks/months linking in the eight dimensions of wellness all done for you!
  • Your own monthly Health and Wellbeing focus.

Do you want to take control your wellbeing today?
Use our free 2021 planner and chart your own course for the rest of 2021.

Simply complete the form below, and you will be redirected to download the PDF file.

Are you wanting to successfully implement and maintain wellness strategies in your workplace?

2021 Planner

This programme is designed for leaders, managers, committees and wellness champions and trains, coaches and resources your crew with the right skills, knowledge and tools to successfully implement and maintain wellness strategies in your workplace. 


We are advocates for empowering leaders and change champions within your business by providing them with the tools and knowledge to navigate and mitigate wellness challenges in the workplace themselves. With strong internal resource, you can maintain a culture where your people are inspired to seek opportunities for progression and growth, contribute with purpose and perform at their best.

Our 12 month navigator programme is tailored to align with the specific needs and goals of your organisation.

Programme Outline:

 Tools & Resources Included:

  • Committee Induction & Orientation
  • Strategy Development & Planning
  • Seven Principles of Resilience@Work
  • Eight Dimensions of Wellness
  • Eight Steps to Developing Well@Work Programme
  • Effective Committee Meetings
  • Quarterly Reviews With Workplace Wellness Team to monitor success and outcomes
  • Templates for: 
  • Committee Terms of Reference
  • Health & Wellbeing Policy(s)
  • Strategy Development
  • Meeting Agenda & Action Plan
  • Workplace Wellness Calendar / Planner 2021

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