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The number one problem facing organisations when trying to develop a culture of wellbeing in the workplace is lack of clear direction or strategy.

In our experience, leaders do not know how to communicate a coherent message about their health, safety and wellbeing strategy to all members of the organisation.

Some of the wellness challenges you could be trying to navigate in the workplace, include high levels of sick leave or absenteeism, presenteeism, variances in productivity or quality of work, disengaged staff, low morale and a sense of stress, fatigue and overwhelm amongst the team.

Presenteeism in the workplace occurs when ongoing physical or mental conditions prevent employees from being fully productive at workIn cases of presenteeism, team members want to give their best efforts but cannot deliver because of health issues or personal problems.


You do not need to be captain of the world and go this voyage alone; we will be your trusted lieutenants along the way.

From the small business owner operator or manager of a not-for-profit organisation, working long hours wearing many hats, to the larger organisation with multiple teams and facets to the business, we can tailor a needs-based sustainable workplace wellness solution that is right for you.

Developing a workplace wellness strategy is no longer a nice-to-have, but business critical and Robin and Leonie’s expertise and proven programmes is a great place to start.

Creating a safe and healthy workplace wellbeing strategy lowers your business risk and is the smart thing to do.

  1. Having a wellness focus as part of your business strategy can improve employee engagement and motivation. It’s not a tick box or “feel good factor”. 
  2. Wellness programmes need to acknowledge psychological, physical and emotional needs of team members, allowing everyone to reach their potential in a safe workplace environment.
  3. A well-structured wellness programme can dovetail into your organisations values and culture to make it part of your DNA.
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Our Primary Expertise

Wellness and Wellbeing

  • Developing strategies and designing practical solutions

Resilience @ Work

  • Building resilient Individuals, Teams and Leaders

Executive Coaching

  • Developing leadership in wellness capability

Culture Change

  • Working with experts to make sustainable change

Age and Work

  • Developing an age inclusive strategy

What is resilience@work and why does it matter?

Resilience has become a modern day buzzwords – from parenting to life traumatic and stressful events to managing challenging and stressful jobs. Resilience can be developed and is a dynamic process just like wellness and equally important when it comes to reducing business risk.  

Busting a common workplace myth:  Building employee resilience is simply about being able “to cope better” or “to do more work”. Wrong.

Building resilience at work is essential as we face constant change which continues to speed up. People are frequently expected to do more for less, with high workloads and mounting pressures, ever increasing complexities, expectations and competition.

Resilience assists employees and teams to:

  • Adapt to frequent change and uncertainty.
  • Stay productive, despite increasing demands to deliver more with less.
  • Manage customer expectations that may exceed capabilities.
  • Maintain physical and emotional wellbeing despite job pressures.
  • Better handle workplace stress.

There are many benefits of implementing a workplace wellness programme. Our Workplace Wellness team can help you build resilience in the workplace for the betterment of your business and everybody in it.

We understand that no two businesses are the same

Our core work is partnering with you in a collaborative way, to find the best wellness solutions for your organisation so you can reduce your business risk. 

Some of our signature, accredited wellness programmes include: 

Well @ Work

Sustainable Health, Safety and Wellbeing
in the workplace.
Partnering with you to develop a workplace wellness strategy that brings out the best in your people and your bottom line. Suited to people from all industries and backgrounds with a passion for empowering and
transforming workplaces.

Resilience @ Work

Adapt, Optimise, Sustain.
Creating optimal performance through resilience.
We provide strategies to build the resilience of employees, teams and leaders in a way that creates optimal performance and personal wellbeing utilising
The Resilience at Work® Toolkit.

1:1 Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching programme is specifically tailored to leaders in an organisation and delves into why they need to be well to lead well. Become a catalyst and a champion for driving engagement in your strategy and a building culture of wellness.

Contact us today to start a conversation around unlocking
the wellness potential at your workplace.

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