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Creating a workplace wellbeing strategy lowers your business risk and is the smart thing to do.

  1. Having a wellness focus as part of your business strategy can improve employee engagement and motivation. It’s not a tick box or “feel good factor”. 
  2. Wellness programmes need to acknowledge psychological, physical and emotional needs of team members, allowing everyone to reach their potential in a safe workplace environment.
  3. A well-structured wellness programme can dovetail into your organisations values and culture to make it part of your DNA.
Employees in workplace with thumbs up demonstrating workplace wellness

You do not need to be captain of the world and go this voyage alone; we will be your trusted navigators along the way.

From the business owner operator or manager of a not-for-profit organisation, working long hours wearing many hats, to the larger organisation with multiple teams and facets to the business, we can tailor a needs-based sustainable workplace wellness solution that is right for you.

Developing a workplace wellness strategy is no longer a nice-to-have, but business critical and Robin and Leonie’s expertise and proven programmes is a great place to start..

Strategy & Consultancy

We understand that no two businesses are the same.
Our core work is partnering with you in a collaborative way, to find the best wellness solution for your organisation so you can reduce your business risk.

We use 3 key frameworks:
+ Well@Work
+ Resilience@Work
+ Strategy@Work

Coaching & Workshops

We are passionate about empowering leaders with the tools and knowledge to navigate wellness challenges in the workplace. 
We offer online and in person training and consulting to help you create a safe and happy workplace such as:

+ Resilience@Work Coaching & Workshops
+ Workplace Wellness Strategy Builder Programme
+ Developing a Health & Wellness Programme

Contact us today to start a conversation around unlocking
the wellness potential at your workplace.

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