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How we deliver our services

We offer online and face to face coaching, training and consulting to help you create a safe and well workplace. 

We are passionate about empowering leaders with the tools and knowledge to navigate wellness challenges in the workplace. 

Please get in touch with us for a free Workplace Wellness Discovery Session to see how we can help. 
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Our key coaching  programmes and workshops currently available:

Workplace Wellness Strategy Builder Programme

Workplace Wellness is now a
strategic ‘must have’ in your
business. In this programme you will build a robust health, safety
and wellbeing strategy and
implementation plan.


In this workshop, we introduce you to the scientifically researched Resilience at Work™ (R@W) toolkit which is validated and specifically designed for the workplace. You will learn about the seven components of resilience for.


This one-on-one coaching
programme consists of fortnightly or monthly coaching sessions, as well as phone and email support. Our team can help you build resilience in the workplace for the betterment of your business and everybody in it.

Developing a Health & Wellness Programme

In this workshop we focus on building health and wellbeing capability, including understanding the importance, the need & the benefits, the respective roles and responsibilities and developing a strategic framework.

12-month Navigator Programme

Getting your crew onboard

This programme trains, coaches, and resources your crew with the right skills, knowledge and tools to make sure your health and wellness strategies are implemented successfully

This programme is designed for:

Health & Wellbeing Managers/ Leaders/ Coordinators

Wellness/ Wellbeing Committees

Wellness Navigators (Champions)


Inhouse customised programme or public programme


Inhouse Courses

Can be scheduled at any time and will run for 12 months from commencement

Customised to accommodate different leadership, committee and team structures within your organisation

Your investment is based on how the overall programme is structured for your organisation and which components you choose to include.

Public Programmes

First 12 month programme commences 23 March 2021 and concludes March 2022

Second 12 month programme commences 13 July 2021 and concludes 30 June 2022

Case study - The Food Basket Central Hawkes Bay

The Food Basket Central Hawkes Bay are a non-profit Food Rescue and Freestore located in Waipukurau. They rescue surplus food and redistribute it to people within the Central Hawke’s Bay community, reducing food waste and poverty and building community. Their fantastic team of volunteers help redistribute food to all people and families without exception or discrimination. They also create mana – enhancing opportunities for people to volunteer and contribute to their community, building resilience, relationships and wellbeing.  
We believe they do amazing mahi in the community, and wanted to help out, so we provided them with a Resilience @ Work Teams workshop. 
You can find more about them over on Facebook. 
Here’s what Mel and the team had to say about the workshop:  

The Team Resilience at Work Toolkit has helped me to identify challenges we are dealing with, and plan ahead with our team of volunteers alongside me. Sharing the load will benefit everyone, including our community, we are more confident to steer our kaupapa into the future with confidence and intent. Robin's communication style was key in helping our diverse group of volunteer's really engage in the discussions we were having. She was empathetic and supportive of everyone's ideas and input, whilst providing clarity and guidance when we needed it. Examining our values as a volunteer team was particularly valuable. Robin led us through the concepts and terminology we needed to understand before we worked on strategies for our collective wellbeing. We really enjoyed the workshop with Robin today. I am appreciative of her skills as a navigator, she was respectful and enquiring which brought out viewpoints and ideas from the more reserved participants.

Mel King - The Food Basket Central Hawkes Bay

Robin was good to listen to, I learned a lot today which was refreshing.

Talking about how we are doing what we do is so different as a group, we got so much done.

I feel better, now that we've come together and talked about all being in this together.

It's nice to be heard. Thanks Robin.

Volunteers - The Food Basket Central Hawkes Bay

Contact us today for your free Workplace Wellness Discovery Session. See how we can help you and your team get a plan in place to navigate the challenges and build on what’s already working well at your place. 

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