You’ve got to be well, to lead well
Happier workplaces can lead to sustainable outcomes
A healthy place to work minimises business risk
Live well, work well, stay well

Workplace wellness is now a strategic 'must have' in your business.

A wellness strategy makes financial sense and affects the bottom line.

Looking after staff wellbeing saves you money whereas doing nothing carries risks to your business and costs you money, time and resources.

The research shows that a concerning number of business leaders question if it’s their place to be involved in their employees’ wellbeing. I’m here to say it absolutely is.

Craig Hudson.
Managing Director of New Zealand & Pacific Islands - Xero

Are you seeking help to reduce your business risk and navigate the health, safety and wellbeing landscape for your business?

Finding ways to meet needs

Robin is a sensitive and healing coach - always looking for new ways to help. I am working with her and find gold in every consultation. Finding ways to meet our needs is Robin's benchmark.
- Robyn Hewetson

Strength to carry on

Thank you very much Robin for your support. ​My sessions truly gave me the strength & determination to soldier on and look at life differently. You have an ability to connect with people, look at what's best for them and advise accordingly. You rock.
- Irena Mikolic

Gained motivation and drive

Robin is absolutely amazing, not only was she very helpful with my health, she also gave me motivation and drive to help me hit my medical condition head on. Now I can move forward in the right mind frame.
​- Emma Goldsmith

Graphic showing how workplace wellness strategies can help

Feeling curious? Let's get below the waterline in your business
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Looking after our wellbeing as we get through this time together

There is no denying we are now in unknown territory and this brings up different emotions and coping mechanisms for everyone. Some of us are great in a crisis and uncertainty and rise to the challenge, others of us struggle. 

Level 1 will bring its own set of challenges, as teams return to the workplace. Everyone will have experienced the last few months differently. Some staff will have a myriad of fears and concerns, colleagues may have lost their jobs, and uncertainty could be front of mind. This can all take a toll on productivity, people’s wellbeing (including your own), and lead to decreased engagement, increasing business risk. Others will be excited to be back. It’s not easy being a business owner and navigating through these times, there’s no playlist for this one.

How are you and your team coping in the new post COVID-19 lockdown landscape? 

Workplace Wellness offers services that are registered with the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund to help businesses and their leaders through this time. 

We are passionate about helping and supporting businesses to reduce their business risk by build their wellbeing and resilience capabilities. 

Creating Better People, Better Workplaces, Better Communities. Our aim is to keep it REAL and keep it SIMPLE, which is even more important in times of uncertainty.

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