A healthy place to work minimises business risk
Live well, work well, stay well

Workplace wellness is now a strategic 'must have' in your business

A wellness strategy makes financial sense and improves the bottom line.
Looking after staff wellbeing saves you money whereas doing nothing carries risks to your business and costs you money, time and resources.

Who We Are

Our passion is in helping businesses to thrive and people to live well, work well and stay well

As Wellness Specialists and Change Strategists, we look to add real value in helping others to be engaged, motivated and productive in life and work. 
We work with progressive people who want to minimise business risk and improve productivity and staff engagement to develop a high-performing, happy work environment and sustainable business.   

Why Workplace Wellness

Finding ways to meet needs

Robin is a sensitive and healing coach - always looking for new ways to help. I am working with her and find gold in every consultation. Finding ways to meet our needs is Robin's benchmark.
- Robyn Hewetson

Strength to carry on

Thank you very much Robin for your support. ​My sessions truly gave me the strength & determination to soldier on and look at life differently. You have an ability to connect with people, look at what's best for them and advise accordingly. You rock.
- Irena Mikolic

Gained motivation and drive

Robin is absolutely amazing, not only was she very helpful with my health, she also gave me motivation and drive to help me hit my medical condition head on. Now I can move forward in the right mind frame.
​- Emma Goldsmith

What We Do

We understand that no two businesses are the same

Our core work is partnering with you in a collaborative way, to find the best wellness solutions for your organisation so you can reduce your business risk.
We focus on three key frameworks:


Adapt | Optimise | Sustain
Providing strategies to build the resilience of employees, teams and leaders in a way that creates both optimal performance and personal wellbeing


Health | Safety | Wellbeing
Reduce business risks, improve capability and build organisational culture that encourages and supports health, safety and wellbeing the the workplace


Collaborate | Consult | Communicate
We with you to develop a workplace wellness strategy that brings out the best in your people and reduces business risk. That has got to be good for your bottom line, right?

Make a positive change to your workplace wellbeing in 2021

Kick off 2021 with a Wellness Strategy session, establish priorities and get a plan in place to ensure maximum effectiveness for your wellness dollar. 

With the expected legislative changes to increase in sick leave in 2021, do you have a plan in place to mitigate this risk for your business?  

A strategy without a plan and actions is essentially good intentions on a page and may not provide a roadmap to the successful outcomes you are seeking. Real change is driven by the actions you take. 


Talk to us about fresh ideas and initiatives for your 2021 Wellness Calendar that are appealing to all your team, that support your business objectives and fit with your organisations values. 

Building Blocks with hand

The research shows that a concerning number of business leaders question if it’s their place to be involved in their employees’ wellbeing. I’m here to say it absolutely is.

Craig Hudson.
Managing Director of New Zealand & Pacific Islands - Xero

COVID-19 Disruption - How we can help

Level 1 brought its own set of challenges, as teams returned to the workplace, with further disruption experienced by the increase back up to levels 2 and 3 and then back down again. Everyone will have experienced the past months differently. Some staff will have a myriad of ongoing fears and concerns, colleagues may have lost their jobs, and uncertainty could be front of mind. This can all take a toll on productivity, people’s wellbeing (including your own), and lead to decreased engagement, increasing business risk. It’s not easy being a business owner and navigating through these times, there’s no playlist for this one.

Are you seeking help to reduce your business risks
and improve the health, safety and wellbeing for your business?

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